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Corn Free
Egg Free
Fish Free
Salt Free
Starch Free
Sugar Free
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Take 1-3 capsules three times a day‚ or as needed.

Ingredients per capsule:

Pure L-Citrulline 600 mg.

Do not take with milk or dairy products.

Product Description


• Citrulline, an amino acid created in the gut from Glutamine, transforms into Arginine through a specific biochemical process involving Aspartic Acid and two essential enzymes, Ornithine Transcarbamoylase and Argininosuccinate Synthetase. Citrulline helps boost Nitric Oxide production, which is crucial for maintaining endothelial support and cardiovascular health. Moreover, Citrulline improves energy levels and invigorates the immune system.
• Citrulline is a crucial part of the Urea Cycle, working hand in hand with Ornithine and Arginine to transform harmful ammonia into a safer compound called Urea. Excess ammonia can be catastrophic, leading to liver damage and neurological problems. That's where Citrulline comes to the rescue, especially for those suffering from a condition called Ornithine Transcarbamoylase (OTC) Deficiency. Supplementing with Citrulline has proven to be immensely helpful in managing this genetic disorder.

Boost your cardiovascular health with Citrulline, a precursor to Arginine that increases Nitric Oxide. However, only 20% of Arginine is available for cardiovascular support, as most of it is utilized by the liver and kidneys. The good news is that supplementing with Citrulline leads to an increased production of Arginine intracellularly, which supports cardiovascular function. Nitric Oxide plays a vital role in vascular homeostasis by regulating vascular tone, cardiac contractility, and preventing vessel injury and Atherosclerosis. Oxidative stress damages endothelial cells, but Citrulline can convert to Arginine in vascular cells, restoring endothelial cell function by increasing Nitric Oxide production. Medical studies have well documented the role of Nitric Oxide, Arginine supplementation, and Citrulline in endothelial function. According to Dr. S. Gross (Cornell U. Med. College) in his publication in the J. Biol. Chem., 1997, the ideal ratio for Nitric Oxide production is three Arginine to one Citrulline.

• If you have Herpes and need cardiovascular support, adjusting the ratio of Citrulline to Arginine to 3:1 can be beneficial. Arginine can stimulate the virus, so more Citrulline can help increase Arginine levels within cells without activating the Herpes. Additionally, consider adding Lysine supplements in certain circumstances.

Attention! 1 in 20,000 newborns are affected by a serious genetic disorder that can cause hyperammonemia, seizures and even coma. Ornithine ranscarbamoylase, the essential enzyme in the Urea Cycle necessary to produce Citrulline, is often deficient in cases of this disorder. If left untreated, this condition is 100% fatal and has been linked to SIDS deaths in newborns and Reye's syndrome in children. Although typically found in males during infancy, partial enzyme deficiencies affect both males and females during childhood and adulthood. Recurring symptoms can include lethargy, vomiting, hyperactivity, migraine-like headaches, bouts of screaming, acute ataxia, retardation and even coma. Female carriers may develop symptoms in adulthood. Citrulline supplementation, special formulas, and dietary protein limitations are recommended to prevent the disorder's progression. Stay aware, stay vigilant, stay alive.

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