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About Twinlab

Twinlab is the result of David Blechman working with his wife out of their garage, trying to perfect a liquid protein supplement in 1968. Taking advantage of his 20 years of experience in pharmaceuticals, David and his wife began to see some success, and thus Twinlab was formed (named for the couple's two sets of twins).

Now, Twinlab manufactures over 1000 products from their GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility. Branching out from their original product of liquid protein supplements, Twinlab now produces and distributes many other health supplements - like herbals, essential vitamins, minerals, and tea.

PureFormulas carries over 300 Twinlab products. Some of the more popular ones include Twinlab Magnesium Capsules, Liquid Potassium, Pancreatin (Quadruple Strength), plus more – just take a look around to find what's right for you.