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About Tesseract Medical Research

Tesseract Medical Research brings you a selection of unique, scientifically advanced dietary supplements and antioxidant-rich wellness formulas that exceed your expectations. Tesseract's motto is “Proven Molecules, Optimal Delivery,” and they strive to help restore an individual's wellness balance in today's world of harsh diet fads and toxic environmental stressors. These selections offer top-quality, bioavailable ingredients for utmost efficacy and results. If you're looking for alternative solutions to prescriptions and other pharmaceuticals, Tesseract is revolutionizing the way it delivers nutrients your body needs. Tesseract's ProButyrate offers higher, more bio-available butyric acid in its purest form in a smaller, food-grade encasing. Now you can get the digestive and gastrointestinal support your body needs in small doses but with more potent absorption and delivery. Experience the Tesseract difference today.