About Pukka Herbs

Pukka is a Hindi word meaning “top-quality.” Like the name implies, Pukka herbal supplements and teas are some of the finest on the market. The herbs used to make the supplements and teas are grown in a sustainable way that is respectful of the environment and the world we all live in.
Each blend of Pukka tea is designed to be full of flavor and body. The plants used to make the tea are of the utmost quality. To find the best raw materials, Pukka tea artisans travel throughout the world in search of the most vibrant, potent, and fragrant plants.
All of the Pukka herbs are grown in a sustainable manner by farmers who have long-term relationships with the company. Pukka believes in fair trade practices, which leads to environmentally responsible agriculture.
PureFormulas.com is pleased to be able to bring to you a variety of sensory treats by Pukka. We offer their finest products, including Green Tea Sachets, Detox Tea and Cleanse Tea.