Planetary Ayurvedics

Planetary Ayurvedics

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About Planetary Ayurvedics

What sets Planetary Herbals apart? Their formulations are produced by herbalists who follow the traditional medicines of India (Ayurvedic) and China (Chinese herbalism); however, this doesn't mean they ignore the hundreds of years of advancements made in Western herbal practices.

The end result? Planetary Herbals produces products with thousands of years of tradition and knowledge behind them. Using high-quality raw ingredients, Planetary Herbals doesn't want to promote symptom treating; they want to help people achieve better overall health by utilizing a potential healing source used by mankind for centuries and centuries: plants.

PureFormulas carries Planetary Herbals' Planetary Ayurvedic line, a series of products derived from Ayurvedic medicine – like Triphala, which features a formulation that may promote natural detoxification. Other Planetary Ayurvedic Herbals formulations include Full Spectrum Ashwagandha, Holy Basil Liquid Extract, plus much more!