PureFormulas carries items from Optimox Corporation's Iodoral Iodine Supplement line. Iodoral is the tablet form of Lugol solution, which is a liquid solution that combines iodide and iodine. Issues with the liquid Lugol solution – like bad taste and gastric irritation - prompted researchers and manufacturers like Optimox Corporation to change the product to tablet form, making it easier to take. Optimox Iodoral tablets have a pharmaceutical glaze over them to mask the unpleasant taste of iodine. Iodine is an essential element that is mostly linked to thyroid function. It allows the thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormones. Having a severe iodine deficiency can lead to very serious problems like hypothyroidism, developmental brain disorders and goiter (thyroid enlargement).

PureFormulas also carries other Optimox Corporation products like C-500 Tablets, Aurasol Tablets, and much more.

Our dedicated nutritionists not only have the passion and experience necessary to assist you with your nutrition related needs, but they also have an impressive array of credentials, which include a Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics.

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Doctor Trusted Brand
Optimox Corporation is a professional brand. Their products are formulated to be administered by recommendation and under the supervision of a healthcare professional.