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About NOW

When you aren't getting the right nutrients, you may feel run-down, tired and achy. You might be more prone to headaches, muscle spasms, digestive discomfort, or worse. If you don't feel like you're operating at 100 percent, you may be deficient in one or more essential nutrients. Many people are missing at least a few vital nutrients in their everyday diet, but there's hope from NOW. PureFormulas offers nearly 500 NOW vitamins and supplements that are easily digestible and formulated for maximum absorption. From zinc to spirulina (one of nature's super foods), and from potassium to vitamin C, Now manufactures some of the purest vitamins and supplements on the market. Many NOW vitamins and supplements are vegetarian-friendly, and they even make SLS-, paraben-, fluoride- and gluten-free toothpaste. A full line of Now Foods products is available here at We guarantee that everything we ship is fresh and ready to use - and that it will arrive in perfect condition. You can browse our entire selection of NOW products or search for a specific product--either way, we're ready to provide you with the best in Now nutrition.