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About Mycology Research Laboratories

Mycology Research Laboratories takes mushroom nutrition to a new level. If you want to maximize nutrition without adding tons of mushrooms to your diet, try our Mycology Research Laboratories supplements. PureFormulas carries multiple powdered formulas including Auricularia, Coriolus, and Shiitake mushroom types. Maitake mushrooms have a range of potential benefits, including immunity boosting and weight management. Add Maitake powder to your morning routine to jump-start your metabolism and take control of health. Meanwhile, coriolus also supports the immune system. If you need an iron boost in your diet, try Mycology Research Laboratories' Shiitake-MRL. This powder also has beneficial levels of protein. Triton-MRL is another popular powdered mushroom supplements; three ingredients are mixed to form Triton: Ganoderma lucidium, cordyceps sinesis and lentinula edodes. Find the Mycology Research Laboratories supplement that enhances your diet and lifestyle right here.