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About Master Supplements

Master Supplements is known for their highly effective colon health capsules. Maintaining regular digestion is a simple way to stay healthy. Eliminate discomfort from gas, bloating and constipation with Master Supplements products. These convenient capsules are a great alternative to prescription drugs and flavorless over-the-counter liquids. Try their advanced Theralac probiotic, which works to promote regularity throughout the entire GI tract. Children's Theralac is also available to keep your little ones comfortable and regular. This granulated powder formula is the perfect choice for children and adults who prefer not to swallow large capsules. Its' powdered administration means fast-acting relief. TruFiber comes in powdered form to dissolve in any food or beverage. Use TruFiber if you experience constipation, diarrhea, poor calcium and magnesium absorption, high cholesterol or high triglycerides. If you are battling an unfamiliar bacterial invasion, TruFlora is the Master Supplements product for you. Find these dietary supplements and more at PureFormulas.