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About Lane Medical

Lane Medical supplements are innovative and effective. Lane capitalizes on the various benefits of natural products to create affordable prescription alternatives. Each Lane Medical supplement is supported by years of laboratory and consumer testing to guarantee your satisfaction. 3A Calcium original provides the calcium you need to fortify your bones. The 3A Calcium Ultra supplement has highly bioavailable properties to strengthen teeth and bones, encourage faster blood clotting and improve muscle development. Both of these Lane Medical calcium dietary supplements help your body absorb and utilize calcium more effectively. Over 20 years of clinical research, these products reveal marked increases in bone density. 3A Magnesia tablets by Lane Medical are a great option if you suffer from irregular digestion. Maintain regularity, detoxify your digestive tract and eliminate uncomfortable constipation with the 3A Magnesia 100 tablet package. This magnesia supplement is a natural hypersmotic that flushes your colon with water.