Klaire Labs
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About Klaire Labs

Klaire Labs is a go-to vitamin and supplement manufacturer for those who need nutritional support but suffer from severe food allergies and environmental sensitivities. Klaire Labs supplements are hypoallergenic, dairy- and gluten-free products. Vitamins and supplements come in tablet, capsule, liquid and powder form. PureFormulas had a large selection of Klaire Labs products. The probiotic that offers the most microorganisms including Ther-Biotic Complete, which has 12 strains of healthy bacteria. The probiotic is scientifically formulated and features the InTactic technology, which ensures live microorganisms are distributed along the intestinal tract, and is intended for those who need higher amounts of diverse microorganisms to help support intestinal health. Klaire Labs' Ther-Biotic Infant Formula is a powder form of a probiotic for infants. It is formulated to meet the metabolic and intestinal support needs of infants whose microflora may have been disrupted by things such as disrupted by cesarean section delivery, formula feedings, antibiotics, toxin exposures, and a maternal diet lacking in fresh fruits and vegetables. We also carry Klaire Labs Vital-10 (a blend of 10 probiotic strains) and Klaire Labs Vitaspectrum (a multivitamin and mineral supplement that addresses nutritional imbalances often found in children). PureFormulas cares about getting probiotics to our customers – that's why we carry Klaire Labs products. No matter what your need is, we have the Klaire Labs probiotic for you.