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About Jigsaw Health

Dietary supplements, including vitamins, are a must-have for most people. No matter what your lifestyle is like, chances are you're missing some of the essentials. When your body isn't getting everything it needs, you can suffer from lethargy, aches, pains and much more--but PureFormulas can help restore your health with Jigsaw Health supplements. Jigsaw Health manufactures some of the finest vitamins and supplements available today, from probiotics to magnesium/calcium blends. Using their patented Sustained Release Technology (SRT), Jigsaw Health creates supplements that gradually enter your body (usually over a 6-hour period) to negate side effects of sudden dosing. Taking Jigsaw Health vitamins can improve specific conditions and your overall health, because they're carefully formulated and rigorously tested before they are approved by expert nutritionists. Whether you need a quick immune system boost with Jigsaw Health's vitamin C with SRT or a probiotic packed with friendly bacteria, Jigsaw Health has a supplement for you.