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Your liver makes a chemical called L-carnitine to help burn fat as fuel for energy--but did you know that some people cannot make enough? Others can make it but not transport it to the right storage areas (the brain, heart and skeletal muscles). Things your body doesn't make, like flaxseed oil, can help reduce swelling and prevent disease. The key to healthy digestion is probiotic bacteria (also known as probiotics); if the levels of good bacteria in your small intestines are too low, your entire system can be thrown off. Fortunately, PureFormulas carries a comprehensive line of probiotics and other valuable supplements and vitamins by Jarrow Formulas. One of the most trusted names in vitamins and supplements, Jarrow Formulas has been manufacturing nutritional supplements for more than 30 years. Based on extensive scientific research, Jarrow Formulas creates pure, high-quality products designed to help you stay healthy. With hundreds of Jarrow Formulas supplements at your fingertips, PureFormulas guarantees that you'll love the products you order. We have a no-questions-asked policy when it comes to refunds, so take advantage of our extensive selection and get on the right track today.