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About HealthForce SuperFoods

You've probably heard the term a few times, but what exactly is a superfood? Simply put, the term superfood refers to green, raw foods that hold essential nutrients that help our bodies function as best they can. The nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that superfoods contain can be harnessed and then taken in convenient pill form, which can help your immune system, glands, and organs work optimally. HealthForce SuperFoods harvests these nutrients and creates vitamin and mineral supplements that provide the same health benefits as eating a raw, healthy diet would. They are also important sources of fiber, amino acids, antioxidants and easily absorbed vitamins and minerals. For more than 20 years, HealthForce SuperFoods has been creating 100% vegan supplements and has built a solid reputation among healthcare providers and consumers alike. PureFormulas proudly carries a wide selection of vegan and vegetarian HealthForce SuperFoods supplements, and we'll deliver them right to your door. Staying healthy has never been this easy. Note that none of the Healthforce products contain inner seals, only seals around the lids.