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About Good Clean Love

Organic products have flooded the market for their natural properties, easy digestion, and toxin-free ingredients. Why not apply these same principles in the bedroom? Good Clean Love offers an alternative to synthetic lubricants and unnatural sexual enhancers. When you think of organic lubricants, think again. These are smooth and slightly sweet on your skin. Forget that latex smell and sticky residue found with many personal lubricants! Good Clean Love's Almost Naked is edible and responsive to your body, designed to dry naturally after use. Every Good Clean Love lubricant is safe for use during pregnancy, with toys and with latex condoms. These 100 percent vegan gels come with light and fresh flavors to enhance the mood. Try Cinnamon Vanilla to spice up your love life. Cinnamon and vanilla are aphrodisiacs that combine to create the perfect subtle addition to your experience. Good Clean Love lubricants get their long-lasting smooth properties from aloe vera, seaweed and xanthan gum.