Dr's Advantage

Dr's Advantage

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About Dr's Advantage

When you search for remedies, would you prefer the Dr's Advantage? These hand-selected liquid supplements have the ingredients that doctors choose for maximum performance. Each liquid vitamin and mineral supplement is easy to take with food, on their own or mixed into a beverage. As always, PureFormulas lists every ingredient so you can monitor your intake and identify gaps in your diet. We offer over 20 Dr's Advantage liquid multivitamins and minerals, including those popular in capsule form.

If you have trouble swallowing large chalky vitamins, Dr's Advantage is the brand you need. Liquid supplements are quickly absorbed into your system with minimal digestion. Our Dr's Advantage stress relievers are always a popular choice. Whether you have difficulty settling down to bed or preparing for a large presentation, our relaxation supplements will ease your anxiety. Choose the Dr's Advantage to increase your sex drive, balance your menopausal hormones, enhance your memory and gain more energy.

Our children's super multivitamin will support your little one's growth while adding fruits and berries to their diet.