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About DEVA Nutrition

DEVA Nutrition supplements are designed specifically for vegan consumers. Vegetarian and vegan diets may lead to gaps in your nutrition intake. Meat offers vital proteins and vitamins that may be difficult to find elsewhere. Choose PureFormulas to find vegan-specific DEVA Nutrition. DEVA multivitamins contain B-12 and iron, which vegan and vegetarians often need in their diets. Try our chia seed DEVA supplement to build muscles and encourage glandular health.

DEVA Nutrition vegan supplements rival our non-vegan collection in selection. Whether you are looking for digestive help, energy boosts, immune strength or cardiovascular care, our DEVA Nutrition vegan supplements are the choice for you. Maintain your vegetarian diet while getting the same nutrition as meat-eaters through DEVA.
Choose from DEVA Nutrition's single vitamin and mineral capsules, including vitamin C, calcium and flax seed oil or try a blend to cater to a specific area of your body.