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About ChildLife Essentials

When you purchase from ChildLife Essentials, you are getting more than just a multivitamin for your child. ChildLife Essentials takes children's nutrition to the next level with vitamin and mineral supplements designed to boost immune system strength, strengthen bones and keep your child healthy. Our little ones deserve to be active, happy and healthy, and ChildLife Essentials believe they can help.

These liquid multivitamins and nutritional supplements promote optimal bone health. PureFormulas offers liquid calcium with magnesium, which is absorbent and great tasting to make the life of a parent a little bit easier. Also, digestive problems aren't unique to just adults. Try ChildLife Essentials probiotics to increase digestive strength for your child to support wellness.

Our multivitamins go beyond the standard over-the-counter supplement to fill any gaps in your child's diet. Purchase a simple daily maintenance kit with four vital supplements to make nutrition a breeze. Trust ChildLife Essentials to keep your child healthy all year long!