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Your body walks a delicate balance in supporting your health. You depend on B vitamins for healthy skin and hair, and to convert food into energy; vitamin E protects your cells from the havoc wrought by free radicals. There are a myriad of other vitamins and minerals your body may need, too, and PureFormulas has a solution: Carlson Labs supplements.

Carlson Labs manufactures vitamin supplements that protect your body from the inside and specially designed shampoos, crèmes and applications to fulfill its outside demands, too. Picture your body as a machine. Without the right fuel, it can't operate correctly - and Carlson Labs designs each of its supplements to act as the fuel your body needs for optimum performance. With over 45 years of experience as a family owned and operated business, Carlson Labs works to provide high quality products formulated with care and precision.

PureFormulas carries more than 350 Carlson Labs supplements and applications, from acetyl l-carnitine to vitamin E shampoo. Most of what we carry is available at wholesale prices, so you save (and get fast, convenient shipping right to your door) while staying in tune with your body's needs.