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About BrainChild Nutritionals

Is your system extremely sensitive to any additives, like food dyes, artificial sweeteners or even vitamins and minerals? You may have difficulty digesting and absorbing things, or your body may reject inorganic substances (and cause you quite a bit of discomfort in the meantime). You may run into difficulties without the right amount of essential vitamins and nutrients - so PureFormulas offers Brainchild Naturals products to provide you with what you need for healthy functioning.
Brainchild Naturals products are hypoallergenic, and no "fillers", artificial sweeteners, food dyes or artificial flavors are used during the manufacturing process. This way you can be sure you're getting only the purest supplements.

PureFormulas knows that more children and adults are sensitive to artificial additives today than ever before. We're proud to offer over 60 supplements manufactured by Brainchild Naturals. Here at Pureformulas, our ultimate goals are health and wellness, delivered right to your door as quickly and efficiently as possible.