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About BioRay

Bioray offers a natural product that combines the power of traditional Chinese herbalism with cutting edge science. Nature and science come together to create a product Bioray believes can work in a simple yet effective way. Through Taoist philosophy, the basic ideas of energy, 'root and branch', and 'yin and yang' are all basic building blocks of supporting health. These fundamentals support the products that Bioray through PureFormulas produces to create healthy balances within our bodies.

BioRay manufactures some of the purest oils available, and they can help you restore balance in your body without turning to antibiotics and potentially harmful, unnatural "cleansers." From clove oil (a natural bacteria killer) to ancient Chinese herbal mixtures for prostate health, BioRay's oils are carefully formulated to provide the exact balance to keep your body in line. Bioray is committed to producing their products safely, in small batches and using organic, sustainable ingredients in all ways possible.
Isn't it time you took care of your body with a proactive (instead of reactive) stance? Browse through PureFormulas' wide selection of BioRay products - you'll be amazed at what a few drops of oil can do.