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About Avalon Organics

With a name like Avalon Organics, consumers naturally should expect a high standard of purity and a natural commitment to the environment. Avalon Organics delivers in its promise to go beyond its name as a company that creates high-quality cosmetics, and to act as a steward to nature. The over 80 products offered by PureFormulas are made with completely organic materials, which includes every botanical, extract, and essential oil that they use.
Always trying to reduce their carbon footprint, Avalon Organics uses environmentally friendly packaging for their product line. Products are also 100% vegetarian, non-animal tested and formulated without any artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, or sulfites.
Pure ingredients make the most effective products. They have the ability to benefit both your well-being and the environment. This fosters a spirit of 'Consciousness in Cosmetics®' that Avalon Organics strives to pursue every day. Enjoy these products along with unbeatable customer service from PureFormulas.