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About Aura Cacia

Aura Cacia is a leading brand in aromatherapy products. Their success lies in an unwavering commitment to quality ingredients and sourcing only the most authentic and pure essential oils in their products. By testing their products rigorously as well as constantly scouring the globe for the most high-quality sources, Aura Cacia sets top priority to the health and wishes of their consumers. Using an industry-leading test program using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry technology on their essential oils, Aura Cacia ensures their products are up to standards.
PureFormulas offers over 200 cosmetic products and essential oils from Aura Cacia to help your body in being healthier. Aura Cacia's standards are high- they work under a strict pure ingredient criteria, environmentally-friendly practices, animal-friendly policies, and provide full ingredient disclosure. Aura Cacia also is extremely invested in the organic movement, selling products that are 100% organic when possible and giving back 1% of sales from their organic products to support organic farmers and their communities. PureFormulas is proud to offer products from Aura Cacia.