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  • Malia 2 days ago

    Great service and products

    Fast reliable packaging and shipping. Great selection of products!

  • Customer JB 2 days ago

    Love this company.

    Pure Formulas carries a great selection of quality products at comparable prices. They also have good sales. My favorite thing is their free shipping and everything arrives quickly.

  • Barbara 2 days ago


    I suffered from constant heart palpitations, irregular heart beats etc. My cardiologist put me on magnesium oxide. The next step would have been a pace maker. It helped me immensely but my stomach could not handle imagnesium oxide, It caused severe diarrhea, stomach cramps etc. . I was to the point where I would rather have the stomach disorders than the irregular heart beats. I was confining myself to the house. I did some research and found PureFormulas Magnesium Taurate. No stomach disorder from it and my irregular heart beat is almost normal. I am on my fourth bottle. On my last visit to my cardiologist I suggested that he offer it to patients who cannot handle magnesium oxide. I order three bottles at a time as I would never want to be without it.

  • ****** 2 days ago

    fast service - great response time

    I have ordered several items. Always on time, never an issue and priced fair.

  • cheryl 2 days ago

    Ease at Ordering and shipping Health Concerns, Womans Bal./Calm for Daughter's PMS

    Hi, I was recommended Health Concerns Products from my My Lic. Acupuncture provider for PMS.....I researched other sites for the products but was not impressed as I was when I researched PURE Website. Recently, I re-ordered the Product for PMS, Woman's Balance, and Calm Spirit .These 2 products used together , work effectively for her. I received the no cost shipping, and a very quick turn around for the delivery...I am very happy with the ordering , and the offering of discounts and shipment for no cost, or low cost. I appreciate the website for learning about the products and comparison shopping of similar, and or recommended items. thanks Cheryl Ku, daughter;s pms....

  • John 2 days ago

    excellent products at the best PRICES

    Got exactly what I was looking for TWO dollars than any other place I saw.


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