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  • Nature lover 9 hours ago

    Fastest shipping, best customer service!

    Great products and great prices, too.

  • christine 10 hours ago

    My orders

    I can only say that every order that I have received is timely, exactly that I ordered and THE PRICE IS RIGHT! Thank you for ExCEPtional Service.

  • WALTER 11 hours ago

    Great Products with free shipping!

    The Pureformulas Co. has a wide range of quality products, offering speedily free shipping and worthy of my recommendation!

  • Teresa Caston 1 day ago

    Best Ever

    I always purchase from PureFormulas whenever I can. I find the products are priced so reasonably and the customer service is the best. I am also amazed at how quickly each and every one of my orders is delivered.

  • Richard 1 day ago

    Lowest price, fastest service

    Got his homeopathic allergy remedy from Amazon but they raised the price 30% this year. Went looking for a better supplier and found these guys.Lower price than Amazon, discount for refills and just as fast as Amazon. Sayonara, Amazon!

  • Franchesca 1 day ago

    I recomend this site

    Great products an excellent customer service!


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