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The Lowdown on Sugar

It is unsurprising that many of us seek to minimize our sugar consumption because of the potential consequences on our health. However, since many of our daily foods are rich in processed and added sugars, knowing where to start can be tricky. Here you will find tips to help you lower the amount of sugar in your diet. For those of you who need a little extra support, you'll discover ways to help stabilize blood sugar levels the natural way.

SGlucose and Curbing Cravings
What is Sugar?
  • Although sugar can provide an intense flavor of sweetness, it is actually a simple compound--a simple carbohydrate to be exact. Sugar is produced in plants, and table sugar is normally sourced from sugar cane or sugar beets. However, we are no longer stuck with only these two sugar varieties. These days, sugars from dates, coconut, monk fruit, and lucuma are widely sought after alternatives made with minimal processing and with the added potential benefit of offering blood sugar support.

Sugar and our health
  • It goes without saying that our health can be greatly impacted by excess amounts of this sweet treat. The daily sugar intake recommendation for women is 25 grams (or 6 teaspoons), and for men, it's 37.5 grams (or 9 teaspoons). The consumption of excess sugar has been linked to weight gain, obesity, cardiovascular issues, and blood sugar dysfunction.

The impact of sugar on blood
  • The food we eat plays a major role in our overall health and well-being. In certain individuals, the over-consumption of simple carbohydrates -- table sugars and processed foods such as white rice, breads, and pastas -- can mean problems for how our bodies regulate blood sugar levels, or glucose, which is an important source of energy for the body.

How does glucose affect the body?
  • As we break down food, glucose enters the bloodstream with the goal of providing our cells with energy, a process that requires insulin. In some people, insulin is either not present or it doesn't function correctly. These shortcomings can lead to potential issues regulating blood sugar levels. If our blood sugar fluctuations resemble a roller coaster ride, that could have negative implications on our health. Over time, these high levels can damage our cells, tissues, organs, and blood vessels.

5 tips for reducing sugar

1Eat a diet full of whole, fresh, and unprocessed foods


2Get your body moving to reduce cravings


3Keep cortisol levels in check to avoid stress-eating


4Lifestyle changes are key for overall success


5Herbs and spices work to help stabilize blood sugar levels

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