TOP 5 Keto-Friendly

Looking for selections to support your ketogenic diet goals? From MCT oils to flour alternatives to bone broth and more, here are low-carb ideas that will jump-start your metabolism and help you stay in ketosis.


High in fat and low in carbs, MCT oils are a keto diet staple. They also curb your cravings and help keep you in the fat-burning zone. Plus, they contain medium-length chains of fats that are easier for your body to digest.

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Nuts and Seeds High in Fat

Nuts and seeds are a delicious way to snack healthy while you're doing keto. They are rich in nutrients, vitamins, and healthy fats, making them an all-around great choice in your recipes, salads, and on their own.

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Healthy Cooking Oils

Here are our picks for healthy cooking oil selections to help you stay on track and in ketosis. These oils are a good source of fats, making them ideal for enhancing your favorite low-carb meals.

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Popular Bone Broth

Keep yourself feeling satiated and nourished with bone broth picks that are meant to complement your lifestyle. In small amounts, bone broth has the nutrient profile you want: low-carb, moderate in protein, and high in fat.

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Keto-Friendly Flours

Being on keto doesn't mean saying goodbye to some of your favorite recipes. These flour alternatives are grain-free, low-carb, and just right for the next dish you decide to whip up

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