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It is likely that you have seen (or possibly even tried) matcha lattes on the menu at your local coffee shop. What started as a beverage served during a traditional Japanese tea ceremony has now become one of the most popular superfoods available worldwide. Not only is matcha rich in nutrients and antioxidants, but it can also support the body's natural detox processes, provide an energy boost, support the mind, and offer weight management.

5 Benefits of Matcha

1Enhances Metabolism & Endurance


2A Source of L-Theanine for Focus & Relaxation


3Promotes Healthy, Glowing Skin


4Contains Energy-Boosting Properties


5Supports the Body’s Natural Detox Processes

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Recipes with Matcha  

Matcha Powders

Get the full nutritional benefits matcha has to offer with these 100% ground-leaf powders, which come in traditional and flavored blends. Simply add to cold or hot water, your favorite drinks, smoothies, or bowls, and enjoy!

Matcha Teas

Simple, convenient, and packed with all the benefits matcha can provide, these teas are the perfect to-go favorites you can pull out and use anywhere. Choose from pouch or powdered premium teas that deliver a full-bodied, earthy green tea flavor.