Kids & Teens
We know how important your child’s milestones are. That’s why we’re here to guide you through all the essential vitamins and supplements that are specifically formulated for growing kids. Every major developmental stage is addressed—from infant to teenager—and you’ll find must-have nutrients for healthy development and growth. In addition to supplements, discover more products that support a healthier lifestyle, especially as your child becomes a teen.

Explore our personal care selections for hormonal acne, natural face washes, soaps, skincare favorites, and much more. All of these products are made with naturally nourishing ingredients, herbals, and oils. Plus, help your teen find their expression through top-quality makeup products that are gentle on the skin and good for the environment.

And if you're looking to whip up something healthy for your whole family, we've got recipes galore for every taste, dietary concern, and preference. You'll discover something delicious for even your pickiest eater!
Infants & Toddlers

Oh, baby! Now that you have a new bundle of joy, here’s a collection of key formulas and nutrients that will take you from infant- to toddler-ready. Take a look at vitamins, probiotics, key nutrients, and other personal care products your baby might need in the first three years of their life. You’ll be pleased with selections that are all-natural, sugar-free, and don’t use chemical-laden ingredients.

This is also the place to find products for colic, teething, and other growing pains that may cause your baby discomfort.

Young Children

Are you the parent of a young child under the age of 12? This is the place for you. Check out the supplements, immunity-boosting formulas, and much more that your preschooler or elementary school kid might need.

Help ward off pesky colds, promote healthy growth and development, and incorporate other essentials into your child’s everyday routine.

We’ll also help you find more products for better sleep, improved concentration and focus, and natural stress relief. These formulas offer an alternative, gentler approach to over-the-counter medicines and solutions.


Being a teenager is an exciting time that’s full of changes, development, and growth. Help your teen navigate this new world with select nutrients and supplements that address their changing needs and wellness concerns.

Here you’ll also find all-natural personal care products, which include face washes, acne control solutions, deodorants, feminine care products, and more.

Additionally, you can help your child come into their own and express themselves with quality makeup must-haves made with natural ingredients.