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250 Servings
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Corn Free
Egg Free
Fish Free
Salt Free
Starch Free
Sugar Free
Wheat Free
Yeast Free

1-3 capsules per day‚ or as needed‚ with water or fruit juice.

Ingredients per capsule:

Pure L-Glutamine 500 mg.

Do not take with milk products.

Product Description

Discover the powerhouse amino acid found in muscle tissue, the bloodstream, and the cerebral-spinal fluid. Glutamine is essential for regulating protein synthesis, fueling tissues like muscle, skin, and the immune system. Did you know up to 60% of glutamine is metabolized in intestinal cells? It's integral for their respiratory fuel. Glutamine is also a precursor to vital neurotransmitters like Gaba, Glutamic acid, and Glutathione. Make sure you're getting enough B-6 for the necessary metabolism of all amino acids. While considered non-essential, glutamine becomes crucial during periods of severe illness and surgical stress when the body needs more than it can produce.

When your body experiences physical or metabolic stress - from surgery, burns, infections, exercise, or malnutrition - it needs more Glutamine than it can produce naturally. This deprives vital organs like the immune system, brain, liver, kidney, and intestine of the nutrients they need. Your muscles are also depleted of Glutamine and the other amino acids required for protein synthesis, which can lead to negative nitrogen balance and catabolism. In some cases, up to 50% of Glutamine can be lost during catabolic stress. By supplementing with Glutamine and Ornithine-?-Ketoglutarate, you can increase protein synthesis, balance nitrogen levels, and support your body when it's under stress.

Are you feeling the burn after intense exercise? Your muscles are likely depleted of Glutamine, a key amino acid for protein synthesis and anabolic activity. But don't worry, you can boost your Glutamine levels with pre- and post-workout supplementation. To increase assimilation into your bloodstream and muscle tissue, take the Glutamine sublingually under your tongue rather than in capsule or powder form. Keep those gains coming!

Did you know that glutamine, a compound found in your body, has multiple functions in your brain? It can help enhance mental alertness and concentration while also inducing a calming effect. It acts as a precursor for both excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters, making it essential for overall brain health. Additionally, glutamine provides glucose to brain cells, which require a significant amount of energy to function properly. It also helps detoxify harmful ammonia in the brain. Plus, it may even help curb cravings for sugary and alcoholic drinks. Clearly, glutamine plays a crucial role in your brain's performance and well-being.

Boost Your Immunity with Glutamine! This essential amino acid supports the function of immunocompetent cells and strengthens the immunity of the intestinal mucosa. It's also a precursor to Glutathione, a potent antioxidant that helps prevent cancer and enhances the protective system of your cells. Studies show that Glutamine can even stimulate NK (natural killer) cell activity to reduce tumor growth. Don't miss out on the benefits of Glutamine – add it to your diet today!

Discover the vital role of glutamine in gastrointestinal function. Two thirds of this amino acid is utilized in the mucosal cells of the small intestine, where it promotes healing and may benefit patients with gastrointestinal disorders. Unfortunately, surgery, trauma, and catabolic stress can deplete glutamine levels, leaving the body in need of supplementation to maintain protein synthesis and support healthy digestion. Don't let a lack of glutamine harm your overall well-being - learn more about this crucial amino acid today.

Discover how Glutamine, a natural regulator of protein, fatty acid, and glycogen metabolism, can help curb cravings and regulate sugar formation in the liver. As one of the primary glycogenic amino acids along with Alanine, Glutamine can stimulate glucose production and decrease food cravings for those with low blood sugar levels, particularly during mid-mornings and mid-afternoons. Unleash the power of Glutamine today for optimal health and nutrition.

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