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About Phytobiodermie

Phytobiodermie’s logo is composed of the Taoist yin/yang and the Chinese white dragon for two important reasons: (1) the yin/yang symbolizes a harmonious balance, and (2) the dragon – specifically the Chinese white dragon – is often a symbol of protection. These are the two qualities that Phytobiodermie brings to their beauty and skincare products. Not only that, but Phytobiodermie was certified as an organic manufacturer in 2007 by Ecocert®/Cosmebio®. So not only can you trust Phytobiodermie to bring you skin care products formulated to potentially breed results, but skincare products that also feature natural ingredients. This is why we at PureFormulas are honored to offer you their wide line of skincare products like Biostimulant Cream with Vitamin E, Luscious Lip Balm, and more. As always, all products (including these organ skincare products) feature fast, free shipping!