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Natural Immunogenics

Colds, flus and common skin infections don’t care what season it is; they can attack at any time. The health of your immune system depends on the type of support you provide for it. Eating healthy and getting the right amounts of sunshine and exercise aren’t always enough - sometimes your immune system needs a little help. PureFormulas carries Natural Immunogenics vitamins and supplements to bolster your immune system and provide antimicrobial protection from the symptoms of common skin infections using functional silver. Rather than turning to potentially harmful antibiotic creams and applications that can create strains of resistant bacteria, turn to Natural Immunogenics products. Natural Immunogenics uses 99.99% pure silver to help your body fight infection the natural way. PureFormulas carries Natural Immunogenics products because we conduct in-depth research on supplement efficacy and purity; Natural Immunogenics makes the grade. When you order Natural Immunogenics vitamins through PureFormulas, we guarantee they will arrive fresh and in perfect condition (we keep a rotating supply on hand!)--so before you turn to traditional over-the-counter treatments, check out our selection of infection-fighting supplements.