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Dr. Garber's

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About Dr. Garber's

Dr. Garber's Natural Solutions liquid supplements keep it simple. Look no further for a hassle-free supplement choice from PureFormulas. Each Dr. Garber's Natural Solutions item comes with a convenient dropper for accurate and quick dosages. Take your liquid supplements in food or in a beverage and forget about swallowing those large chalky vitamin capsules.

Our customers love the ease of ingestion and digestion of Dr. Garber's liquid supplements. Choosing your supplement has never been so easy. Dr. Garber's labels each vitamin or mineral blend clearly. Try Allergy, Anxiety, Depression or Sleep supplements, and add them to your diet for maximum results and minimal stress. These liquid doses can be absorbed faster than their capsule alternatives. This supplement style also reduces stress on your digestive system.

Trust Dr. Garber for your medicinal needs. These natural joint and allergy supplements are great choices to avoid prescription drugs and their powerful effects. During your next visit to PureFormulas, try adding bone strength, FemCycle and Skin supplements to your purchase. Our customer service team is waiting to help answer any questions you may have!