Christopher’s Original Formulas is a line of natural health products born out of genuine care and support. The company’s founder stood by a simple system of allowing the body to naturally produce a cycle to cleanse, nourish, and heal itself. To him, in order to support a healthy body, cleansing is the most vital step. By eliminating the harmful toxins and purifying the system, a ‘body reset’ is initiated, and you are ready to take on high quality nutrition that can begin supporting your system quickly. Only whole herb/plant products are used in Christopher’s Original Formula products, and none contain GMOs, added chemicals, or added fillers.
High quality ingredients are what sets Christopher’s Original Formulas apart- and the ability to supply superior ingredients was always the founder’s passion. By exceeding quality standards, Christopher’s Original Formulas is able to keep its name as a leader in effective, potent products that simply cares about your safety and health as much as you do. PureFormulas is proud to carry almost 200 products by Christopher's Original Formulas.

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