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Bio Nativus

Bio Nativus works alongside nature for the simple yet sustained benefit of your health. As a mineral-based nutritional and dietary supplement company, Bio Nativus works to create alternative medicine solutions that work in coordination with the body and the environment. Their foundational product, Trace Mineral Drop Complex™, is created in harmony with Utah’s Great Salt Lake. The founding research on The Great Salt Lake found that its water contained high mineral contents as well as higher salinity than sea water, which may contribute to promoting body heath. The Great Salt Lake certainly has several factors that work towards its reputation as a natural treasure. Surrounded by pure and beautiful nature in the areas around the lake, it also has bountiful, phytonutrient rich springs that feed into it. By pursuing research on ionic trace minerals and ionic plant source mineral products, scientists have been able to better understand the power of nutrients coming from The Great Salt Lake, and then translate those benefits into supplements made by Bio Nativus through PureFormulas.