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Bio-Botanical Research Inc

Your immune system doesn't just prevent you from getting the flu. It stops unhealthy bacteria, fungus and viruses from setting up shop anywhere in your body - and if you don't take care of your immune system, it will fail you when you need it most. When your immune system is stretched too thin, you'll feel run-down, achy and overly tired; that's because little things that your immune system would ordinarily beat are allowed to run rampant. Bio-Botanical Research, Inc. specializes in keeping your immune system running at 100% by manufacturing products that fulfill its complex needs. Healthy levels of flora, a clean gastrointestinal tract and the right mix of natural ingredients (including Echinacea, tea tree oil and the natural antibiotic, oil of oregano) all contribute to your immune system working like a well-oiled machine. PureFormulas carries an extensive line of Bio-Botanical Research products because we're committed to bringing you the best immune system support possible. Bio-Botanical Research products provide the right amount of support in easy-to-use sprays, capsules and creams so you can stay healthy when germs run wild.