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Bauman Nutrition

Can't seem to shake the lethargy that can hit you like a freight train? You may drink coffee, energy drinks and energy shots, but caffeine and synthetic energy-inducers lack serious nutritious value. Plus, you may know what happens several hours after drinking a big mug of coffee- a potentially debilitating crash that either leaves you wondering why you had caffeine in the first place, or in need of another cup just to get through. Herbal energy shakes from Bauman Nutrition, however, affect your body in a different way. You have the ability to get all of the energy and vitality your body desires, with no "come-down" or crash. Also, you can rest easy knowing that the energy provided comes directly from whey, flax seed, greens and fruit extracts. PureFormulas is proud to carry Bauman Nutrition's energy shakes, both on our website and in our office refrigerator (though they don't last long). Ready to feel as perky and energetic as we do? Order Vital Scoop by Bauman Nutrition today and PureFormulas will have it at your door in no time.