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American Biotech Labs

American Biotech Labs is a leader in an industry that they themselves helped to create. They began as a nano-silver biotech company, and soon contracted several scientists who ended up creating a new silver technology. Known as SilverSol® technology, this unique particle system is used in the American Biotech Labs product line. Their ‘Silver Biotics®’ line is formulated to help support wellness in the immune system, thus raising your defense level and supporting your overall health. Through stringent research, this silver-based technology has been wildly popular and lauded for its unique delivery system. When creating an entirely new molecular structure, however, you must be careful to take all necessary precautions, and American Biotech Labs has gone out of their way to ensure the safety of their products. Now, the power and benefits of silver are readily available, and American Biotech Labs is proud to share its products with you through PureFormulas.