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Everyone probably has a general idea of what probiotics, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids do - but it's hard to tell when you're lacking in one area or another, and even harder to find the right combination to keep your body working at its best. PureFormulas has partnered with American Biologics to bring you dozens of advanced formulas that promote whole-body wellness. Nutritional supplements from American Biologics are cost-effective, tested and proven. Your body depends on you making the right choices, and PureFormulas can help. With a wide array of American Biologics products to fit your lifestyle and check the boxes on your body's "must-have" list, you can enjoy a new level of personal wellness without the hassle of visiting a specialty vitamin shop. Founded in 1978, American Biologics has provided a clear, exceptional vision and commitment to the industry as a whole and to creating products that can be trusted. PureFormulas only works with the most reputable supplement manufacturers, so we're proud to offer you over 50 American Biologics products that can help you achieve your health and nutrition goals.