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About Alacer Corp

Your immune system can suffer in any season, but Emergen-C products by Alacer Corp. are a tasty way to give it a boost. PureFormulas is proud to offer the Alacer Corp. product line of Emergen-C, which packs a punch of vitamin C and other nutrients. Maybe you (or your little ones) aren't too keen on the idea of swallowing a vitamin every morning - and that's when Emergen-C comes to the rescue. Sports drinks have nothing on Emergen-C's powdered, immune-boosting drink mixes.

Your immune system depends on a complex combination of vitamins, electrolytes and other nutrients to stay at full force. Everyone carries and shares germs; it's just a fact of life. When your immune system is down, you may have a few brigades trying to fight off illness - but if you've provided the right fuel for your immune system, it acts like an entire army. Alacer Corp's Emergen-C is that energy filled, vitamin packed army.

PureFormulas offers an extensive selection of Alacer Corp's Emergen-C drink mixes that help support a healthy immune system, and we'll deliver them right to your door. With affordable prices always through Pureformulas, you can't go wrong!