Vaccin-Chord 2 oz

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Echinacea Angustifolia 1X – Adjuvant therapy for serious and feverish infections.
Baptisia Tinctoria (Wild Indigo) 1X‚ 3X – Serious feverish infections; general blood poisoning; states of confusion.
Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade) 12X – For infammation accompanied by high fever of the tonsils‚ respiratory organs‚ gastrointes-
tinal tract‚ urinary and reproductive organs‚ meninges‚ skin‚ and joints.
Calcarea Carbonica (Cell Salt) 6X – Calcium-metabolism disorders; chronic infammations of the skin and mucosae; proliferative
mucosal processes.
Chamomilla (German Chamomile) 12X – Infammation of the respiratory organs; teething problems; infammation and cramps of the
digestive organs and of the female reproductive organs; intense conditions of pain; irritable emotional discord or upset.
Chelidonium (Greater Celandine) 3X – Infammations‚ lithiasis‚ and chronic affections of the hepatobiliary system; infammation of
the respiratory organs; pleurisy; rheumatism.
Taraxacum Offcinale (Dandelion) 3X – Infammations and diseases of the hepatobiliary system.
Arsenicum Album (Arsenous Acid) 12X‚ 30X – Infammations of all degrees of severity in all tissues and organs; serious infections;
diseases of attrition; benign and malignant proliferation of tissue; emotional discord or upset.
Hydrastis Canadensis (Golden Seal) 3X – Mucosal suppuration‚ also accompanied by ulceration‚ infammations and colic of the
hepatobiliary system‚ and of the gastrointestinal tract; polyps.
Lapacho Also known as Pau d’arco (Tabebuia) 3X – Shown to increase red corpuscles; antiviral‚ antibacterial‚ antiparasitic; best
known for it’s anti fungal properties; all around immune enhancer.
Lycopodium Clavatum (Club Moss) 12X – Infammations of the respiratory organs; general blood poisoning; sequelae of infec-
tious diseases; infammations and disorders of the hepatobiliary system; digestive disorders; metabolic disorders; infammations of
the urinary organs; nephrolithiasis; varicose veins; various chronic and acute dermal diseases; paramenia and infammations of the
female reproductive organs; other age-related illnesses; behavioral disorders; emotional discord or upset.
Pituitary (Hypophysis) 3X‚ 6X – Pituitary sarcodes to support healthy pituitary tissue; assists with cellular communication. Disor-
ders of pituitary function; insomnia; endocrine disorders; weight imbalances; disturbances in menstruation and ovulation; disorders
of the connective tissue; growth disorders; dysmenorrhoea; galactorrhoea; neurodermatitis and other skin diseases; vertigo; states
of confusion.
Phytolacca Decandra (Poke Root) 3X – Extremely feverish infections; mucosal infammations‚ especially of the respiratory organs;
mastitis and other diseases of the mammary glands; the feld of rheumatic diseases.
Rhus Toxicondendron (Poison Oak) 12X – Pruritic skin diseases; feverish infections with drowsiness or stupor; infammations of
the respiratory passages; infammations of the gastrointestinal tract; eye infammations; paramenia; headaches; neuralgia; lame-
ness; paralysis; vertigo; rheumatic pain in bones‚ periosteum‚ joints‚ tendons‚ and muscles; sequelae from traumata and overexer-
tion; states of anxiety‚ restlessness‚ emotional discord‚ or upset.
Silica Terra (Silicic Acid) 6X‚ 30X – Chronic infammations; suppuration and fstula development afficting the skin‚ the lymph glands‚
the mucosa‚ the bones‚ and the joints; tissue weakness in the ligamentous apparatus of the bones and joints; proliferation of tissue;
mental exhaustion.
Thuja Occidentalis (Tree of Life) 6X‚ 30X‚ 200X – Dermal and mucosal diseases; digestive insuffciency; rheumatism; emotional
discord or upset.
Thyroid 3X‚ 6X – Thyroid sarcodes to support healthy thyroid tissue.
Uncaria Tomentosa (Cat’s Claw) 3X – Crohn’s disease: gastric ulcers and tumors; leaky bowel syndrome.
Vax Nosode 30X‚ 60X‚ 200X‚ 1M – Contains a proprietary blend of vaccine nosodes providing a good representation of the “ener-
getic bandwidth” of vaccines. This potent blend alerts the body to the various vaccination nosodes congesting the vital organs and
systems of the body‚ resulting in deep cellular elimination of vaccine residues.
Med-Syph-Psori-Tub 16X‚ 30X
Medorrhinum (Nosode of Gonorrhoea) – Mucosal infammations of the urinary and reproductive organs‚ the respiratory
passages‚ and the gastrointestinal tract; rheumatism; abnormal behavior; premature ageing; vaccinosis.
Syphilinum (Luesinum) (Nosode of Syphilis) – Chronic dermal and mucosal ulceration; nocturnal conditions of pain‚ espe-
cially headaches and ostealgia; infammations of the respiratory organs; eye diseases; insomnia; anxiety; children who are
backward at school and present with personality problems‚ as well as in addictions of all kinds; emotional discord or upset.
Psorinum (Nosode of Scabies) – Various chronic skin diseases; chronic mucosal infammations‚ especially of the respira-
tory organs; conditions of weakness‚ especially after severe diseases; headaches; emotional discord or upset.
Tuberculinum (Tuberculin) – Weakness of memory‚ mood swings‚ restlessness; conjunctivitis‚ chronic ear‚ nose‚ and
throat infections; asthma‚ purple complexion‚ sweating‚ digestive imbalances; colic; skin diseases; rheumatism.

30 drops orally twice daily a.m./p.m.‚ or as directed.

Consult a healthcare professional before use.

  • Gluten Free

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  • By Anne
    from Atlanta, GA




    Vaccin-Chord is great! My Holistic doctor uses this in a flu season protocol for her patients. My son and I took it for the flu season and we were just fine. I actually could feel a difference. I really like this and it doesnt taste bad and my little guy actually took it with no problem. So I would recommend this to anyone especially in the flu season. We took it in conjunction with Flu Tone.


      The taste. My son took it with no problem.



    I would recommend this item to a friend.

  • By LL
    from Richmond, Va



    Great price fast/free shipping!

    Holistic Doctor recommended Vaccin-Chord but was out of stock glad to find it here. Delivery time is incredible!

    I would recommend this item to a friend.


Displaying reviews 1-2 of 2

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