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  • The term ‘antioxidants’ has been used quite frequently when discussing health. Some products market that they contain antioxidant fighting powers‚ while others claim that they help foster antioxidant growth. With these two separate descriptions of a health process many are not completely familiar with‚ it’s important to understand the distinctions that occur within the antioxidant process‚ and not only what role antioxidants play‚ but how essential they are to the body.

    Antioxidants hold back and combat the effects of oxidative stress. Oxidation‚ which produces free radicals‚ which holds the ability to kill or damage cells. Free radicals have been shown to be initiators of many diseases‚ and research suggest free radicals may be a trigger in aging the body. With such dangerous free radicals present in the body‚ it’s important to make sure you protect yourself. One way you may protect your body is by use of a nutritional supplement.

    Phyto Rad Antioxidant by Energetix is a core nutritional dietary supplement that combines organic as well as wild-crafted herbal ingredients into a liquid formula. Research has indicated the ingredients included in this blend may be high in antioxidant activity.

    One key ingredient found in Phyto Rad Antioxidant is turmeric‚ a plant that has been used for thousands of years as a dye‚ a spice‚ and for medicinal purposes. Many studies have been carried out on turmeric’s possible health benefits‚ and how it may have the ability to help support the cardiovascular and inflammatory systems. Two other ingredients‚ Green Tea Extract and Grape Seed Extract‚ have also been subject to research on their possible benefits. These extracts may be high in bioflavonoids. Studies suggest that bioflavonoids may help support improved circulation‚ strengthened blood vessels‚ and a more fully functioning body wellness system. Other ingredients‚ including Milk Thistle and Ginkgo biloba‚ are popular and historically prevalent herbs that have said to be helpful with liver function and circulation issues.

    All the major ingredients of Phyto Rad Antioxidant have been researched to possibly contain high antioxidant properties‚ and the ability to protect the body from the damage of a poor diet‚ environmental toxins‚ and stress that may foster free radicals. This product‚ therefore‚ may be able to support nutrition and daily health support. Each 2oz bottle of Energetix’s Phyto Rad Antioxidant has a recommended dosage of 30 drops taken orally (in water or juice if desired)‚ twice daily‚ or as directed.

    Energetix is dedicated to providing outstanding resources and solutions for practitioners and their patients. They demand purity and produce the finest‚ most potent BioEnergetic products available in the marketplace. While they believe purity and potency are surely necessary‚ Energetix realizes that those are not the only requirement in creating effective remedies. The final step is creating an intelligent‚ synergistically balanced and multi-faceted formulation. That dedication is what makes Energetix truly unique.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not meant to diagnose‚ treat or cure any disease or medical condition. Please consult your doctor before starting any exercise or nutritional supplement program or before using these or any product during pregnancy or if you have a serious medical condition.

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Milk Thistle (Carduus marianus) – Studies have demonstrated
that Milk Thistle protects against free radical oxidation by in-
creasing the intracellular concentration of glutathione. Due to
this ability‚ it has been favored among herbalists for hundreds of
years for many liver conditions. The active phytochemical in Milk
Thistle is silymarin‚ which has been shown to regenerate liver
cells and guard the liver from damage by pollutants and viral
toxicity. It has also been used by herbalists for chronic hepati-
tis‚ fatty liver disorders‚ cholangitis (infammation of bile ducts
decreasing bile fow)‚ cholestasis‚ cirrhosis‚ and hepatic organ
Turmeric (Curcuma longa) – A member of the ginger family‚
Turmeric has been made popular by the research done on cur-
cumin and curcuminoids. These phytochemicals have demon-
strated a high anti-infammatory action and potent antioxidant
activity. Because of this anti-infammatory quality‚ it has been
traditionally used to treat arthritis‚ asthma‚ infections‚ eczema‚
and psoriasis. Other research has shown Turmeric to inhibit lipid
peroxidation‚ improve gastric and hepatic function‚ and provide
long-term support in cardiovascular disease.
Maidenhair Tree (Ginkgo biloba) – Used traditionally to increase
vascular function resulting in increased memory and concentra-
tion. It can also be used for clearing imbalances such as inter-
mittent claudication‚ vertigo‚ and tinnitus. Maidenhair Tree has
been shown to have favonoids which scavenge free radicals and
antagonize lipid peroxidation.
Green Tea Extract – Introduced to the Western world by the
Chinese‚ Green Tea has been used for centuries due to its high
antioxidant activity. Its most widely researched polyphenol‚ epi-
gallocatchin‚ has been shown to be a highly potent antioxidant‚
inhibiting the oxidation of low-density lipoproteins‚ aiding in low-
ering total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol‚ and having possible
anti-infammatory activity.
Quercetin – Belongs to a group of polyphenolic substances
known as favonoids which may have antioxidant‚ anti-infamma-
tory‚ antiviral‚ immunomodulatory‚ and gastroprotective activi-
Grape Seed Extract – Contains a variety of phytomedicinal com-
pounds thought to reduce infammation‚ relieve pain‚ and protect
the cardiovascular system from free radical damage. The better-
known favonoids in Grape Seed Extract are called oligomeric
procyanidins (OPCs). Studies suggest that OPCs may be helpful
with circulatory imbalances such as varicose veins‚ macular de-
generation‚ diabetic retinopathy‚ and deterring the breakdown of
collagen in the body.
This product is gluten-free.

As a dietary supplement take 30 drops orally (in juice
or water‚ if desired) twice daily‚ or as directed by your
healthcare professional. Shake well.

Consult a healthcare professional before use.

  • Gluten Free

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