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  • Dealing with occasional unpleasant symptoms‚ like headaches or congestion‚ can be annoying but usually isn’t a cause for concern. However‚ if you find yourself experiencing these kinds of symptoms frequently‚ there may be an underlying cause you need to get resolved. It's possible that you have a sensitivity to certain foods‚ or chemicals found in your home or work environment. Your doctor can help you determine what you are sensitive to and can recommend the best course of action to help reduce your symptoms and your exposure to the things that bother you.

    A natural supplement like Energetix’s Isopathic Phenolic Rings may help manage your symptoms so that they don't hold you back from enjoying your day-to-day life.

    Isopathic Phenolic Rings provide you with a variety of natural ingredients in homeopathic amounts‚ which are low doses that may help your body deal with sensitivities to foods and chemicals. Some of the active ingredients in this liquid supplement include:

    • Acetyldehyde—may help your body get used to chemicals called petrochemicals‚ which are used in perfumes‚ plastics‚ and several other consumer products
    • Cinnamic acid—may help ease symptoms of food and chemical sensitivities like fatigue‚ skin rashes‚ and congested lungs
    • Salsolinol—to help promote mental clarity and relieve headaches
    • Histamine—may help reduce or minimize reactions to foods‚ chemicals‚ and allergens

    To use Isopathic Phenolic Rings by Energetix‚ take 30 drops orally twice a day‚ unless otherwise directed by your doctor. Shake the bottle before use.

    Energetix is focused on providing products that naturally support every aspect of your health and well-being. Its supplements are pure‚ potent‚ and effective.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not meant to diagnose‚ treat or cure any disease or medical condition. Please consult your doctor before starting any exercise or nutritional supplement program or before using these or any product during pregnancy or if you have a serious medical condition.

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All ingredients are at 6X‚ 12X‚ 30X‚ 12C‚ 30C potency
Neuroendocrine/phenolic support: L-Dopa‚
Dopamine‚ Estrogen‚ GABA‚ Progesterone‚ Melatonin‚
Norepinephrine‚ Serotonin‚ Testosterone
Acetaldehyde – Petrochemical used in perfumes‚
favors‚ dyes‚ plastics and synthetic rubber; present in
fermented products; byproduct of Candida infections;
has free radical properties which contribute to perfume
and petrochemical sensitivity and the spreading of allergies to other things‚ including foods;
symptoms of intoxication or hangover are often associated with acetaldehyde sensitivity;
alcoholics are often sensitive.
Acetylcholine Chloride – Vagotonia‚ duodenal ulcer‚ bronchial asthma‚ chronic fatigue‚ poor memory‚ manic-depressive disorders‚
muscle spasms‚ headaches‚ heartburn‚ angina pectoris; generally in impregnation phase; parasympathetic stimulator‚ lowers blood
Apiol – Dysmenorrhea‚ amenorrhea‚ PMS‚ obesity‚ hot fashes‚ infertility‚ gout‚ arthritis and chronic fatigue; can be used in insecticide
sensitivity due to synergistic effect; found in many foods; contributes to diffculty losing weight.
Ascorbic Acid – Vitamin C; food preservative‚ antioxidant‚ used in fruit juices‚ carbonated drinks‚ beer and ale‚ milk‚ jellies‚ meats‚
canned foods; antioxidant for epinephrine in blood.
BHT – Allergic reactions; behavior changes; kidney problems; preservative and antioxidant used to retard rancidity.
Caffeic Acid – Constricts capillary walls; adrenal dysfunction; allergic rhinitis; pharyngeal drainage; otitis; asthma; weight
Candida Albicans – Potentially pathogenic yeast common to all humans.
Chloragenic Acid – Inhaled allergies (pollen‚ dust‚ molds); skin rashes; congestion; headaches; asthma; hay fever.
Cinnamic Acid – Used in perfume; bladder dysfunction; cystitis; enuresis; acne; eczema; psoriasis; rashes; lung congestion;
asthma; chronic fatigue.
Coniferyl Alcohol – Headaches; related to terpenoid allergies (evergreens).
Coumarin – Used in perfumes and tobacco; constricts capillary walls; inhibits clotting; estrogen effects; asthma; arthritis; chronic
fatigue; low back and cervical neck pain; digestive‚ circulatory and connective tissue problems; possibly pruritis.
Gallic Acid – Most important phenolic allergen; common tannin found in plants which acts as a natural insect repellant; found in
about 70 percent of foods; sensitivity shows as hyperactivity and craving for sweets; racing heart; chronic sinusitis‚ rhinitis‚ arthritis;
low back pain‚ sciatica; chronic fatigue; chronic thoracic chest pain.
Histamine – Allergic dermal and mucosal disorders; hypotension; cardiac complaints.
Indole – Putrescence dyspepsia; byproduct of the bacterial degradation of tryptophan; contributes to the odor of feces; large intestine
imbalances (bloating‚ constipation); asthma‚ allergic rhinitis‚ sinus congestion‚ chronic fatigue.
Malvin – Gives foods their red color; highly allergenic; learning disabilities; neurological diseases; arthritis; psoriasis; asthma;
Mannan – Makes up yeast cell walls; suppresses immune function; stimulates insulin response; thymus imbalances; intestinal
problems; milk allergies; strep; chronic hives and angioedema.
Menadione – Helps in metabolism of vitamin K‚ liver/gallbladder dysfunction; hemorrhoids; varicose veins; arthritis; fatigue; bruising;
nosebleeds; colitis; diarrhea; candidiasis.
Octapamine – Acetaldehyde/petrochemical sensitivities.
Phenylalanine – Building block of dopamine; cinnamic acid‚ caffeic acid; coumarin; coniferyl alcohol; related to hypertension‚
headaches‚ blurred vision‚ respiratory congestion; collagen diseases; marked by depression‚ bad appetite and sleep disorders.
Phenylisothiocyanate – Sulfer-based phenolic; sensitivities seen in chronic arrhythmias; hypertension; ateriosclerosis; multiple
dystrophy; diarrhea; shoulder bursitis; imbalanced sympathetic nervous system; migraines; hypertension; hyperthyroidism.
Phloridzin – Found in diabetic and cancer patients; blocks the reabsorption of glucose; sugar cravings; hypoglycemia; collagen
degeneration; enzymatic dysfunction.
Piperine – Common alkaloid; natural insecticide in plants; found in black pepper and nightshade vegetables; sensitivity symptoms
seen as arthritis‚ especially rheumatoid.
Pyrole – Can be found in the urine of physically and mentally ill persons; symptoms seen as gas‚ bloating; anxiety‚ depression‚
schizophrenia; MS.
Quercetin – Provides coloring in plants; found in 80 percent of all foods; used homeopathically for hay fever; cardiovascular disease;
adrenal‚ thymus and thyroid activity; impotence.
Rutin – Biofavonoid; a component of quercetin; used for hay fever‚ rhinitis and impotence.
Salsolinol – Addictions (alcoholism); headaches; throat imbalance; general weakness; mental fog; obsessive-compulsive behavior.
Taurine – Amino acid; anticonvulsant; modulates neuromuscular excitation; platelet aggregation; modulates cellular peroxidation.
Tryptophan – Aromatic essential amino acid that contains an indole ring; seen in sleep disorders‚ constipation.

30 drops orally twice daily a.m./p.m.‚ or as directed.

Consult a healthcare professional before use.

  • Gluten Free

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